We’re a collective of premier performance experts dedicated to maximizing human potential


We apply the science of elite performance to help you accomplish bold ventures


We amplify self-awareness as you work to uncover true inner power


We push the boundaries of conventional approaches to optimize performance 

Get ready to soar

We work with anyone striving for awareness, self-exploration, and improvement. Whether you’re an athlete, artist, musician, scientist, special operator, business founder or executive, we collaborate with you to create versatile, distinctive, and effective solutions for a wide range of challenges. We specialize in empowering you to perform with boldness and creativity, especially under pressure.

We break barriers

Our team features intentionally recruited human performance experts from diverse backgrounds. In fact, our greatest strength is uniquely blending that diversity with our shared interests in human development and advancement.

We’re also dedicated to our own continual personal and professional growth through our chosen craft. With decades of experience, our team is committed to helping you rise beyond previously perceived limits to reach new heights.

Let's create dynamic results

We focus on expanding beyond what seems possible in order to spark true innovation and progress. Leveraging our blended backgrounds, experience, and insights, we believe that we can create a community of people who are ready to reimagine what it means to perform and achieve. Together, we can potentiate the untapped capacity of individuals, teams, and society to achieve more. Allow us to join you on your journey to uncover and unleash your true potential.

Zane Dodd, PhD CMPC

Carla Pulliam, PhD

Karolina Shander, PhD

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We’re available to answer questions and explain our process in greater detail. Reach out today to let us know how we can work together.